Friday, 9 September 2011

life in a room

will I face that same phase again?
will I be prepared to be there again?
will I be strong to sing another song?

"life is a series of rooms", one says..
and those rooms are not just empty rooms.. we're stuck in one room at a time with some people; the people we have to deal with, the people that can help us to move to another room..

what room you're entering next is totally depending on how you interact with those people you're stuck with now..
you'll might enter a new room of which you've never been in before, or you'll just enter the same old room because you still have to deal with the same problem and same people before you can enter another different room..

it's not confusing though sometimes it's frustrating..
you just need to make sure that every time you enter a new room, you'll leave that room peacefully and never come back inside there..
you just need to close the door once you're out from it..

but remember, leave it open while you're still inside, to let other people to come in and join the party..


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