Sunday, 1 March 2009

Can I have my second chance, please?

what is second chance?
well, you guys must have your own answer for that question..

but these stories from a friend of mine remind me best of what is second chance for me..

it's started with this story..

this afternoon, my friend, named "A", lost her wallet..
yes, she lost it somewhere around plaza singapura..
and yes, as we know, plaza singapura is not a small place..
it's a big, even huge, mall with one of the largest MRT station in here, Singapore..
but yet she still managed to get it back..
yep, thanks to a -good samaritan- security guard there..

well, it's not the first time she get something back after she lost it..
as I remember, it's the second time..
the first time is when she lost her bracelet..

ok, it's not that expensive bracelet she lost back then.. it's even a gift from a friend..
and she lost it somewhere in sentosa island..
and we know also that sentosa island is not a small place, it's even bigger then that plaza singapura..
and yes, she still managed to get that small rubber bracelet back..

yes, she get the second chance to keep that bracelet..

unlucky, sometime later, again she lost it..
this time, she lost it in a bus, on her way back from -I forget where-..
a bus is not as big as a mall, no even close to a percent of sentosa island's size..
but, it travel a long way, and that makes it's even more difficult to find that small rubber bracelet..

and yes, that time she lost it forever..

well, in life we often face that kind of situation..
we get those second chances, not once, but many times..

and we also often do the same mistake we did last time..
it is, not once, but many times..

for me, the stories are telling me that everyone deserves to have a second chance in his/her life.. for everything..

even God Himself gives us a second chance to live right before Him.. to do our best, to please Him..


now, I'm 21.. and I know that I -was, am and will always be- given second chances for many things in my life..
and I know, that I don't want to do that same silly mistake I did last time, when I was stupid..
and I know that through this post, I can encourage you guys to do the same thing, to treasure those things you got from your second chance and not to lose it again in the future..

and for you, A, I hope that you also can learn something from this post..
*well I hope you read this post first and know that I learned something from you and your experience*

coby, in and out.. =)

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