Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Everyone needs friends

Monday, 1.30 p.m.
Somebody sent me SMS, telling me that one of Indonesian 4th year student in NTU committed suicide..

I was sleeping in library when I got that SMS..
planning to continue my sleep, I tried to close my eyes..
but I couldn't..

well, I thought it's just a hoax.. then I tried to recall what date is that day..
it was not 1st of April, it was 2nd of March.. it was not April-Fool-Day..

I woke up, opened my facebook to see if there's any info I can get..

three names come across my mind.. none of it is true..

I went back to my office and saw three MSN windows in yellow light..
3 different friends asking me 1 same question, whether I know that guy or not..
at that time, I still don't have any idea of who is that guy..

just a few hours later, I get a name.. his name.. the one who just passed away at 10.30 a.m., same day..

just a few moment later, my phone's ringing, a SMS received.. telling me to come to ISC to have a chat and confirmation from school at 8.00 p.m...

yes, it was just yesterday.. I was shocked..
one of my friend passed away not in a best way..
well, I don't really know him, but for sure, he's in my batch..

so many questions come across my mind after that tragedy..
but the biggest question is : did anyone not know that he'd do such thing?

I'm sure that he had a lot of friends..
but I don't know if he had a very close friend or not..

I'm sure that everyone who plays DotA in NTU knows him..
but I don't know who's the closest of them all..

this is my point : everyone needs friends..
to be more specific, everyone needs a close friend..

well, I've been stressed before.. and yes, it felt like I just want to go somewhere far away so I can do anything I want..
I've been stressed before, but I shared it to one of my friend..
I've been stressed before, but my friend told me something that can boost my confidence..

you'll never walk alone..
because that's what friends are for..

coby, in and out.. =)

*p.s. check this website for many great phrases about friend..!


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