Friday, 31 December 2010

10 has gone, 10 soon will come..

2010 soon will pass.. 2011 is coming..
it's been a year since I wrote my so-called-resolution for the year 2010..
and hence, why don't we re-take a look at it, and talk about it..

1. Tamatin Alkitab, baca ampe kelar!
2. Tamatin kuliah.. kerjain FYP, dan lulus!!
3. Kecilin lingkar perut, gedein lingkar lengan.. alias, bikin 6 packs! wekekeke
4. Bikin acara NEW WAVE sukses besar.. amiinn..
5. Sekolah nyanyi.. semoga bisa.. amiinn..
6. Dapet kerja setelah lulus.. amin lagiii.. =)
7. Ga bole ngomong jorok lagi, ga bole bohong2 lagi.. HARUS BISA!
8. Saat teduh tiap hari ga boleh bolong!
9. -rahasia-
10. -lebih rahasia-

from those top10 list of things I will do in 2010, only 4 of it are successfully done.. while the other 6 are still in progress..
oh well, let's review them one by one.. let's see what makes me failed in doing what I should've done in 2010..

1. it's done.. many thanks to God.. =)

2. it's done too.. again, many thanks to God.. I can graduate and work now, it's just because of His grace and love.. thank You, Jesus..!! =D

3. this is so far the hardest thing to do.. well, I can say that I'm quite content with my body now.. it's not that big, neither muscular.. as long as I'm healthy, whether it's 6 packs or 1 big family pack, it doesn't matter anymore.. (at least for this time) =P

4. the event is cancelled.. or maybe postponed.. =(

5. unfortunately, I couldn't find any singing school or course which fit to my financial status.. maybe this point can be carried on to the next year.. I do really want to learn how to sing properly.. =)


7. the second hardest thing to do.. it takes time to stop a bad habbit.. far longer than to learn one..

8. this is not that difficult.. but still.. I wasn't able to keep my commitment during 2010.. hopefully 2011 will be better, or even perfect.. amiinn.. >.<

9. failed.. >.<

10. even though I was not able to do number 9, number 10 is successfully done..

and so, yeah..

that's all about my top10 list of things I should've done in 2010..
see you guys tomorrow on my next top10 list of things I want to do in 2011..

adios! =)

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