Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011: top-10-to-do list

and so.. as I promised yesterday, today I'll just post the top10 list of things I want to do in 2011..

the first 5 things below have never been in my top10 list for the year 2010..

1. stop nail biting

this bad habit has been bothering me for the last 22 years of my life.. therefore, I need to get rid of and freed myself from it.. >.<

2. exercise to lose weight and get myself below 70 kgs by the end of February, followed by continuously mantainance till the end of 2011
well, I just want to have a better posture and healthier life.. that's it..

3. release an album, or at least get my music recorded

this is one of my biggest dream.. well, everyone can dream, right?! =)

4. buy my parents birthday gift with my own earned money
just to show them my gratitude for everything they've done in my life.. and to tell them of how much I love them.. =)

5. get a promotion at work

who doesn't want this? =P

yeah.. those are the first five things I want to do or get in 2011..
let's move on to the next 3 things which are just the same with last year's top10 list..

6. get a singing lesson or course
I need to improve! I have to improve! =D

7. stop cursing
owh, come on, coby! you don't like when someone curses you, do you?!

8. read bible everyday and finish the whole of it

this is the food for my soul.. just as my body needs daily meal, my soul does need His words.. =)

finally, we've come to the last 2 points that may not be as urgent or important as those 8 things.. nevertheless, I still have to write them down to motivate me during my journey on 2011..
and I hope that these 2 things can give me a small boost of happiness..

9. get a girlfriend
well, 22 years old and single.. what else do I want you think?! =P

10. go there
you know what I want, don't you? =)

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