Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thank You

this post is just a thank you note for those of you who have been teaching me so many things..
thank you guys..!!

Thanks To :

Andi Prasetyo, for the "chance" that I got.. (you know what I mean)
Melita Sumitro, for the "same chance" that I got.. (ask me if you don't know what I mean)
Hansen Thiono, for the advices..
Reginald and Terrence Solaiman, for the ideas of how to be a better man..
Gunawan Iskandar, for the guidance..
Olivia Victoriana, for the lessons..
Other IMAGERS, for the place for me to stay..
Dea Meitry Dilista, for the chance to learn many things..
Flora Marlyna, for being a good sister..
Rebecca Carolina, for being a very good "rubbish bin".. (I hope you understand)
Daniel Perdana, for being a good e-teacher..
others, for making me who I am..

a very, very big thank you for all of you guys for coming and changing my life..
God bless you all...!! =)


c-mun-joon-tuck said...

kembali,cob.. :)
thank juga uda ngajarin gw hal2 menarik juga:)

abi7 said...

sy jd mrasa g enak jg.. X(.
tq jg buat smuany cob.
i rilly appreciate it. =D

Yudhistira said...

sama2 cob... gw jg makasih ama lo, gw jg jd bs belajar... sama2 belajar lah... tp tetep aj, gw gak ngerti d blog lo maksudnya chance apaan..ha..ha...