Monday, 13 October 2008

again, about relationship

feel like I want to write something in English..
just want to improve my English.. =)

well, this post is just a short post about relationship..
about what I've learn for so many years..

for this time I just want to share with you the beautiful fact about relationship

There is no right, there is no wrong in relationship..

if you find something wrong in your relationship, it's not totally wrong..
it's just a not-right thing happens in not-right time..
never try to blame someone or something for the thing that is going wrong in your life, especially in your relationship..
and try to solve the problem by giving solution, not finding the "black sheep" of the problem..

that's for now..

hope I can write a longer post in future.. =)

1 comment:

AndZ said...

ngga sabar nunggu selanjutnya neh...

btw, you're rite
there is no wrong and correct in relationship