Wednesday, 15 October 2008


what is jealousy for you?

Jealousy typically refers to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. This rival may or may not know that he or she is perceived as a threat.
-from wikipedia-

at first I think of jealousy, what I have in mind is : I hate whether the girl I like spend her time with someone else..
and the second thing that come after jealousy is bad mood..

I used to be happy whenever my ex told me that she was jealous because she saw me with another girl which was my friend..
I thought that jealousy is one of the best expression of love that we, as human, have.. and it means that my ex loved me so much back then..

I also used to think that jealousy is fair enough, no harm..

but now...
according to the definition of it that I wrote before, the one that I agree, that jealousy comes if someone feels threatened about his or her relationship, I feel that jealousy is not good.. in other words : absolutely bad..

jealousy comes if someone feels threatened about his or her relationship..

why is this so?

what makes someone feels threatened?

up to this point, I have only one valid reason of why someone can feel threatened and therefore jealous.. and it's because he or she is not confident enough about how good the relationship is going currently..

if you have faith in your relationship and know that your partner won't go too far with another guy or girl, you mustn't be jealous..
or in other words, if you love your partner and you know that she or he loves you too, you absolutely have no reason to be jealous..

even God Himself told us about this jealousy and the connection of it to love : Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant.. [1 Cor 13 : 4]

so, for me, I try not to jealous anymore.. not even compromising to it..
because I know that if I love someone I must put my trust on her..

how about you?


Anonymous said...

i trust him be he betrayed u tell me how can i trust someone like that..

Irvinhyg said...

@Anonim: good, better now than when you get married.

@Cob: you got this 100% correct!

seekor bekicot muda said...

trust him anyway..

finally.. i write something good here.. wakakaka