Wednesday, 8 December 2010

my "random" letter

Dear you,

I've read your "random" post, and now I'm writing this as response
so while I assume that you wrote your "random" post for me, I hope you'll assume that this is for you

I know that we barely know each other, and we hardly can be together
we were both stranger while during those past three months we're getting closer

I know you've thought so much, even too much about this, as I, too, have thought too much about this
we have a big difference but not that big to prevent us to get to know each other better

the time is ticking and we are growing
so, along the way we'll know someday where this is gonna go and bring us away

well, you said that you want to know whether or not I know what you know
and now let me say this clearly, that I know it exactly

you asked what do I feel, I'll let you know that this is what I feel
I do want to know you much more and close friendship is what I'm looking for

the distance between us, that's what bothers me so much
if only we're close enough, it'll be easier for us

listen to these last words I want to say, that we will meet someday
and from that moment on, we'll know where to go and how to carry on

take care, "stranger"..


Anonymous said...

menolak seseorang secara halus ya bang?heheee

seekor bekicot muda said...

nope.. saya ga nolak..
saya justru mau.. >.<
masalahnya ada masalah yang agak sedikit sensitip disini.. >.<

still figuring the way out.. >.<