Tuesday, 25 November 2008

tag! let's tag! =)

Since I've been TAGGED, now I'm gonna do the consequences..
but before, let's just see the rules for this game..

- Shout out those who tagged you
- List 5 unimportant(?!) things that make you happy
- State the rules and tag 5 other blogs
- Leave a comment letting the 5 blogs know they have been tagged

Got it? Aight, here we go... =)

the one who tag me is this nice young lady..

5 unimportant things for you that make me happy are :

1. If I
can see a clear sky at night..
that makes me feel very happy.. I don't know why, but it does make me happy..

2. A baby's laughing..
their smiles and laughs are just magically making me laugh.. and i think it's not just me.. maybe you also feel the same..

3. Anytime I wake up and I need not to worry about anything for that day..
is it important enough to be not included in this list??

4. If I can cook my own dinner..
it's just food but food is the most common reason that people would die or kill for..

5. If I can play football during my busy time..
It's just like you're drinking a glass of water after having your football game.. it's just amazing..

and now, i'd like to tag these people :

Andreas, Ollfine, Irvin, Olivia, Tirza


abi7 said...

gw hrs continue tagging2 ny itu ya??

seekor bekicot muda said...

ayo ayo.. lanjutin ampe panjang.. hahaha

Jiewa said...

Huaa.. pake foto Indomie dr blog saya ya :D Biasa masak apa aja nih buat dinner ?
Lam kenal.. :)

ollfine sie said...

huahua.. tag2 terus ntar g ad slsnya.. bentar ya cari ilham dl aye..