Friday, 18 June 2010

the mirror

sometimes, you don't see yourself 100% in the mirror..
it can be less than 100%.. or maybe more than 100%..
the mirror is broken.. the mirror is not flat..

sometimes, you even can see others in the mirror..
others who are worse than you.. or maybe better than you..
the mirror is too wide.. the mirror is too big..

sometimes, you can't even see a thing in the mirror..
it's just shadow.. or maybe darkness..
there is no light.. or you are blind..

sometimes, the mirror is lying..
but most of the time, it's telling the truth..
whether we want it or not..
whether we accept it or not..
whether we are ready or not..

sometimes, the mirror is just a mirror..
but most of the time, it's you yourself..

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