Monday, 16 September 2013


Let's play a game of imagination.

Imagine that you are a homeless guy. You have nothing but yourself. Just a pair of clothes, smelly and dirty. Sitting by the traffic light.

One day, some dude gives you $100 for nothing. Just nothing.
You are so damn confused, yet excited. You don't know what to do with that money. You don't even remember that you haven't got anything to eat since yesterday.
You're just overwhelmed.

After 5 minutes, you realize that this is real. That $100 is now yours and you can do whatever you want with that money.
Immediately, you buy enough food for today worth $5 and keep the rest of the money.
You don't even buy a new clothes because you know that food is more important than clothes and that you will never get that big amount of money again.

The next day, same dude comes to you and hands you another $100. Now you have $195 in your pocket and a very big question mark in your head. What is happening here?
You're still shocked.
And you do the exact same thing you did yesterday. You buy $5 food for today and keep the rest of the money.

The third day, the dude gives you another $100. This time, you might think that the dude is crazy. However, you still get the money and thank him for his craziness.
Once you see him off the street, you immediately go to the nearest department store and buy a new pair of clothes. You think, $30 worth of clothes are not gonna hurt you. You still have $260 in your pocket.
After that, you buy $10 meal for today. Eating some expensive food is not gonna hurt you as well.

Following day, with $250 in hand, you still hope that the same crazy dude will come and see you on your usual spot. And he does.
He hands you another $100 today. And in your mind, you already have something to buy.

This is happening everyday, the same time every morning, until one day you are sitting inside your new house with $100 in your pocket, while you're thinking that you're still gonna get another $100 tomorrow. Then the dude stops his craziness.

He disappears. He's nowhere to be found.

The first day he's gone, you don't even realize it. For you, what you have now is more than enough. You still buy $20 food and think that the dude might give you $200 tomorrow to cover today's $100.

The second day, still the same. He doesn't come to that same spot and give you what you want. You start questioning. You start thinking and planning, what if this guy will never come again?

The third day, you have $60 now in your pocket, while sitting in your living room. You're getting worried.

The fourth day.
You are getting angry now. You start complaining. You stop eating. You're afraid. You don't want to be poor again. You don't want to be homeless again.

The tenth days, you have just ate your last $5 food yesterday. Now, with no money in your pocket, you think a $2 food is enough to save you for today.


This is your story.

A $100 surprised you when you first got it for free.
As time goes by, that $100 has become your daily life. It has become a part of you. It has become your right, even though it's actually not.

You didn't think you deserve it when a crazy dude gave it for the first time.
You treasured it as your source of hope.
But, as time goes by, it has become something you take for granted. It has become a normal $100. It's not as excited as it was.

Until the day you realize again that you need it.
Until the day you realize again that you don't deserve it.


$100 will always be $100.
But the value changes according to our condition.

Blessings will always be blessings.
But the value changes according to our condition.

Friendship will always be friendship.
But the value changes according to our condition.


Be grateful of what you are given.


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