Monday, 20 June 2011

I'll see you soon

for you,

I like it when you "text" me every morning, just to say "GOOD DAY!"
and I like it the most when you said, "don't stop doing that, k? even when we're mad at each other..", and I said, "yes!"

I love it whenever I hear your voice through the phone..
and honestly, I don't want to end every single one of those phone calls..
I just want to talk until we fall asleep..

I'm sorry for making you sad, or even mad at me for so many times..
and I thank you for always forgiving me and telling me that everything's just fine..
well, I know that sometimes your "fine" means "not fine at all".. but still, you laugh when I joke..

I do want to be with you right now..
I do want to share my life with you.. and of course, with Calya..
hell, I do want you so bad..

it won't be so long until I see you..
in fact, I'll see you in no time..

so, wait for me..
till then, please take care of what I've given you..



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